THE TAPE – Red Bull Music Academy LX Taster’09

All rights reserved JUCAPINGA © 2009.
Somewhere in the city… a phone rings.
- Yes? Bluetie aswer the phone
- Bluetie? It’s me, Rembrandt. Rembrandt walks around the newsstand.
- Tell me, what do you want? Bluetie looks at the girl walking in the other side of the street.
- I know you have the skills to pay the bills, i need a tape. Follow The Spade, he knows where the tape is hidden. Rembrandt pays the daily.
- Right, and why is this tape so important to you fella? Bluetie turns on the alarm of his Bentley.
- The tape is knowledge…cannot be taken by the wrong hands. Be careful ’cause Cobraghost is nearby and he is fast. Be cautious, the dog Silvertiger is also on the trail… Rembrandt lights a cigarette.
- I was wondering if by any chance The Clown is around? A drop of sweat flows on Bluetie’s face.
- Yes mate, you are right. Rembrandt stays a bit concerned.
- If The Clown is here, Redstar will take care of him. Bluetie smiles.
- Over and out. Rembrandt hangs off the phone and goes down the stairs.

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